Thursday, October 9, 2014

Loving ME The Way God Loves ME!

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand  out?” -Ian Wallace.

This week I have been focusing on how to love myself the way God loves me and what it really means to remain positive. I discovered that loving myself for the way God created me, helps me become a better person and builds my self-confidence. I realized that in order for some people to accept you, you have to accept yourself first and know God loves you. The Huffington Post wrote an article called "5 Science-Backed Reasons It's Important To Love Yourself." I thought this was a great article, but I think I need to change a few things in order, for me to love myself the way God loves me.

1. I agree it makes you happier when you love yourself, especially when you know who you are in God Research stated that you become more cheerful, when you learn to accept yourself. 

2. It encourages you to reach your goals, especially when you know your goals line up with your God-given purpose. When you love yourself in how God made you; you are able to believe you can do the impossible with God's backing.

3. Loving who God created you to be will push you to stop procrastinating. When you have Godly self-compassion, it can actually reduce stress that causes you and I to procrastinate. 

4. Loving yourself the way God loves you will lead you through adversity every single time. Life has it ups and downs, but with Godly self-love it can help. Instead of putting yourself down when you do wrong, seek to find out why you did it and what you can put into place. This way you won't find yourself doing it again, and at the end you will have more hope during your transformation.

5. Godly self-compassion will help with mental health issues.  Godly self-love and confidence can actually help reduce depression and anxiety. Also, research states students who place their self-worth on doing things to please God, or have positive internal habits are less stressed and tend to perform better academically.

Although I changed these reasons up to flow with how I depend on God and not myself; these explanations helped me to realize that loving myself the way God loves me is very important! In order to remind myself how important I am to God; I will list all the things I love about how God created me. This action alone will cause me to think positive about who I am and how God created me.  

*I challenge you to also write a list of all the things you love about how God created you!* 

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  1. God made me smart.
    God made me strong
    God made me love.
    God made me happy.
    God made me with blue eyes.
    God made me able to worship Him.

    1. Awesome list! Thank you for reading my blog :)

  2. God made me unique
    God made me happy
    God made me a twin
    God made me artistic
    God made me with curly hair
    God made me able to worship him

    1. Thanks Katie for reading my post! Wonderful list! :)

  3. God made me to be me
    God made me to worship HIM in spirit and in truth
    God made me to love all people
    God made me to distinguish right from wrong
    God made me to depend on HIM totally
    God made me to be caring to all around me
    God made me to listen
    God made me to obey
    God made me to give
    God made me HAPPY
    God made me strong
    God made me to sing
    God made me to counsel
    God made me to believe!

    1. Thank you Mom for reading my blog! Your list is fantastic! :)


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